Former Mortgage Banker Reveals Secrets Banks Don’t Want You To Know About Getting a Loan Modification

The best secret to getting your loan modification approved and stopping repossession is to have a forensic loan audit performed on your closing plan. A forensic loan examination is performed to figure out whether your loan provider has committed scams with your loan. These loan examinations examine your file to determine if your lenders violated any of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and may entitle you to a better loan modification.
The forensic loan audit procedure begins with a composed RESPA demand and needs your loan provider provide you with a copy of the closing bundle that was signed at closing when the loan was initially acquired. This request alone can be utilized as a stall strategy to delay the repossession process even more and give you leverage to utilize versus your lender when seeking for a loan modification.
One of the greatest errors loan providers and maintenance business make when filing foreclosure versus house owners is that they frequently submit under the organizations name when they may not even own the home mortgage or note. Lawfully, the only one who can foreclose is the one who holds the note. When Ginnie Mae securities were Wall Street favorites, investors bought and sold home loan backed securities several times and pooled billions of dollars of home loans together and sold them off to pension funds and mutual funds as well as lots of other types of investors. Where this ends up being an issue is that sometimes the banks or servicors do not have the smallest clue where the original mortgage and note are.
Another legal tactic to block the repossession process is to go to court and demand that the loan provider confirms that the debt is legal by inquiring to produce the initial note that was signed at closing. Often times, the banks do not even have the note as they have been sold and transferred numerous times. According to a ruling by federal judge Christopher Boyko of the United States District Court in Ohio, lots of foreclosures can not continue because the real loan owners are not the lenders that originally released the loans – despite the fact that the names of those initial note holders continue to appear in official records.
Before somebody can lose their home in a foreclosure a plaintiff should show they actually own the note. In more than a lots Ohio repossession cases Deutsche Bank stated it owned various notes and home loans and Judge Boyko discovered in each case that the documents in fact determined the initial lenders as the loan owners and said nothing about Deutsche Bank and had no legal premises to foreclose since they did not own the loans or have any authority to foreclose.
The number goal of the forensic mortgage audit is to identify whether there were infractions of federal law. If these infractions are found, the borrower might be eligible for total relief of the predatory loan or a very beneficial loan modification. Complete relief of the predatory mortgage is called a “loan rescission”.

In a loan rescission, the lender reclaims the “predatory loan” and credits back the customer all the interest made on payments consisting of any origination or discount costs. If the loan rescission is not called for the next best choice is to meditate the loan with your loan provider and fight for a considerable loan adjustment based on legal infractions of the loan. In these cases, everybody wins due to the fact that the property owner keeps their house and is provided a low rate of interest and possible primary production meanwhile the bank has a paying loan back on their books.
Imagine that 85% of all loans originated throughout the home loan boom years of 2000-2006 were written and funded so quickly that lots of loan providers made deadly errors in their files. Bottom line is if you are facing repossession or having trouble paying your home loan demand home loan forensic investigation. These forensic investigations may simply help you keep your home and get terms you can manage.